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Equine Artificial Insemination

Equine Artificial Insemination requires a much higher of veterinary input than natural service as it is necessary to accurately predict or detect ovulation so that insemination can be performed at the optimal time.


At Cricket Hill Equestrian there are excellent facilities, experienced and conscientious staff to handle mares. We have several vets with AI expertise and all the equipment necessary.


It may be advisable to arrange a pre-breeding assessment of the mare before firm plans are formulated with respect to any AI program. A pre-breeding assessment should be performed when the mare is in season and includes a manual examination of the vagina and cervix, a rectal examination, an ultrasound examination of the reproductive tract and the ovaries and the collection and eamination of a cervical smear.

Cost: £55.62 + VAT + visit

AI Vet Plans 2016


To enable mare owners to budget for the costs of using AI we offer a range of Vet Plans that cover the costs of standard interventions and examinations.

For chilled semen

Cost: £216.67 + VAT + Livery & handling charges. To cover ONE heat period.

          £175.50 + VAT to cover each subsequent heat period (cycle).

Vet plans include:

  •  All ultrasound scans pre and post insemination
  • 3 prgnancy scans 14, 28 and 42 days
  • Routine use of ovulation induction agents and prostaglandin
  • Insemination
  • Microscopic semen evaluation and completion of relevant paperwork/certificate 

Vet plans do not include:

  • Additional treatments such as caslicks, uterine lavage, infusion of antibiotics into the uterus, sedation, and twin reductions 
  • Treatment following accident/injury

If you have any queries regarding Vet Plans please call the surgery and talk to one of the vets responsible for Equine AI.

For more information contact: Aireworth Veterinary Centre. Tel: 01535602988